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1. Where do you live? hardCorvallis man (in Oregon)
2. Age: 17 (18 on the 21st so basically 18...damn not jailbait anymore...)
3. Sex: All the time (Female)
4. Your personlity: Those who's paths I have crossed would describe me as...outspoken, poetic, random, overly-imaginative, bizarre, dramatic, sarcastic, self-contradictory, spacey, headstrong, loving, morbid, dorky, dreamy...
5. Your likes and dislikes: I like night time, filmmaking, causing random scenes in public, goign to rock shows, dancing in my underwear to 80s music, singing, pissing off neighbors, going around the house screaming the  "we are the champions" to see whic one of my family members is the first to open their door and yell "Lynsay, shut up! Whats WRONG with you?!",  throwing tampons in an audience, shopping cart rides  & wrapping paper duels in stores...                        6. Music: ROCK N ROLL FOREVER. Bands include Misfits, Ramones, AFI, Nirvana, NIN, Hole, Sublime, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Janis Joplin, etc. Also I love the "Phantom of the Opera" soundtrack and my dream is to play Christine.
7. bf, gf, or single: I have a bf but no gf at the moment
8.Something elses you could share: sometimes I smell cabbage

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im still blushing...

i soooo didnt want the battery to die....
that was great...just laying back talking to jessie on the fone..such bliss....even our arguements were grand
she always makes me so happy...i could be mad at the world then talk to her and poof! all fixed!
she kissed the fone!
fucking battery...
imma print out the pictures i have of her tommarow...unless she replys to this and really means she dosnt want me to..
never before have i liked be called a dork so much
::happy sigh:: i just wish she was here....
i feel so loved...
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is new..

1. Where do you live? ~El Cajon Cali~

2. Age ~14 15 in july~

3. Sex

4. Your personlity ~im a nice person yea..sometime is can be mean i a very happy hyper person~

5. Your likes and dislikes ~i like invader zim and i like nice people and people who dont lie to me i dislike people who will make fun of me without even knowing me i also dislike ummm....~

6. Music ~i like my manson and my msi and some other stuff im open about all kinds of music~

7. bf, gf, or single ~i dont know right now..i think im with someone but im not sure~

8.Something elses you could share ~i love the word penis its so much fun to say!!! woot woot~
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Hello, I am Jessica, Im the person that...... made this! yeah. Heres some bits of information about me!

Name: jessie
place: Surfside beach, SC
sexuallity: bi
label: gothic and punkish


Color: black, red, neon colors, purple
Food: fruit and candy!
Drink: Mt dew
Makeup: blacks, eyeliner, red, lipstick
Jelwery: collars, spikes, and my crossies
Shows/cartoons: anime cartoons,family guy, animal planet

... thats all i can think about for now:/
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